Monday 26 May 2014

Coral Coast

Town of Coral Bay

This anchorage is about a 2Nm or 3.5km hike from the holiday settlement Coral Bay, the closest holiday spot to Perth that is in the tropics, a 1100km drive and a favourite escape from the winter down south.

Nice swimming beach. No outboards allowed!

We did the hike to town, a place crowded with Aussie holiday makers and the ubiquitous foreign backpackers in two caravan park ghettos. Found some supplies at an understocked overpriced supermarket, sat around the bakery then headed back to the boat thinking how lucky we are not having to stay there. It is a beautiful little bay at the front of town though. 

It was different for us, in our young career as cruisers, to be in an anchorage with other boats whom we actually knew and had a good time drinking sundowners, boasting and telling tall stories no one sober would believe. I think this must be cruising!

Coral Bay shopping mall.

We stayed three nights here, one more than planned because a 30 knot gale hit us on our original departure date. So I took the opportunity to reroute the windvane lines. Direct to the tiller. No more trim tab. The vane was enlarged some time ago so should do the trick.

Sailing Mauds Landing

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